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Discover the Power of a Personalized Fitness & Wellness Program Created JUST FOR YOU!

Experience the Benefits of ULTIMATE HEALTH Through Online Mentoring with Coaching Expert Kristin Fergasse

Be In The Best Shape Of Your Life at ANY AGE

Lose Fat, Tone & Tighten Your Body Using My Trademarked Slow-Intensity Strength Training Method

Gain Nutritional Insights, Learn Macro Counting and Receive Emailed Meal Plans and Recipes

Weekly Personal Coaching Calls to Keep You Accountable

Lose Weight and Inches by Mastering Your Metabolism

Gain More Energy and Zest For Life

Reduce The Appearance of Cellulite

Work Around Injuries and Health Concerns while Creating a Toned, Strong and Flexible Body 

Learn to Love and Appreciate Your Body Again

Learn About Your Lymphatic System and How You Can Decrease Inflammation While Increasing Your Immune System

Find Your Fit and Really Enjoy Moving Your Body

Meet Kristin

Certified Fitness Professional, Researcher, Content Developer & Health Expert

I’m so glad you’re here!


Over the past 2 decades, I have helped thousands of people create meaningful and lasting change through fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle modifications.   My fitness and wellness companies have been thriving for over 18 years and after more than 35,000 one-on-one workouts and coaching sessions, my deep understanding of the body and mind, coupled with your desire to be in the best shape of your life, will co-create life altering success! 


I’m recognized in the health and wellness industry for helping clients reach amazing personal milestones such as feeling fit again, regaining strength and flexibility, bouncing back after having a baby, all the way to preparing clients to hike Machu Pichu, win national rowing championships in the 50+ age group, becoming better golfers while also training D1 athletes. I work to help clients recover from surgeries and help clients exercise while they manage their auto-immune conditions.  My main goal is to help clients be strong enough to enjoy the life of their dreams!  I’m an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, AASDN Nutritional Specialist and a Wellness Expert who has spent my entire life learning everything possible about what the human body is both capable of - and capable of overcoming.



I am committed to helping you be the best version of yourself and live your happiest and healthiest life! Your transformation is my ultimate mission!

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How To Avoid Common Fitness, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Mistakes and See The Results YOU Desire!

Your Personal Transformation Comes From These Core Coaching Principles

Safe, Effective & Efficient Workouts to Build the Body You Love!


Counseling & Meal Planning to Boost Your Metabolism & Energy Levels

Building Personal Accountability, Mindfulness & Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle

Creating A Realistic Personalized Plan & Goals So YOU Can Succeed

Mindset Training To Realize YOUR Inner Greatness & Building Confidence

Your Journey Towards Ultimate Health Begins with Education, Implementation & Consistency. 

Let's Get Started!


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The Kailon Method SELF-GUIDED Easy-To-Follow Online Workouts & Meal Plan

You can start your fitness and nutrition journey RIGHT HERE!  This is a complete transformational step-by-step method that will change how you incorporate fitness and nutrition into your everyday life and make the real impact you’re looking for.  This is a self-guided fitness and nutrition program with 52 weeks of workouts and meal plans.


It includes:


My easy-to-use web app offering 3 different fitness level programs for both at HOME and In The Gym workouts- Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.
Each workout has incredibly versatile and progressively challenging exercises (meaning you slowly ramp up to harder movements over time) that will give you the best results, so you can work out no matter where you are. Both are effective, time-efficient and safe!


In order to fuel those amazing workouts, you need to energize your body with a healthy nutrient dense diet!  Every week you’ll have a meal plan sent right to your inbox delivering highly nutritious recipes that are clean, healthy and delicious! Included in the meal plan are the recipes, shopping list and calorie & macro breakdowns for each meal.

I also provide weekly email reminders to keep your workouts on track and help you move forward and keep yourself accountable.

If you’re ready to start maximizing your results, follow a proven strategy to strength train with purpose and you’re willing to put in the work (think of it as a FUN and ENERGIZING part of your day!) Then this is your chance!

Membership Pricing:
$49.99/monthly OR $297/annually

My Signature 12-Week Exclusive Coaching Program

This Signature 12-Week Program includes the Kailon Method® SELF- GUIDED Easy-To-Follow Online Workouts & Meal Plan, PLUS the following:


One-On-One weekly coaching calls with me! ONE 1.5-hour Zoom Meeting (or phone call – your choice). I’ll be here every step of the way to help guide, motivate and teach you how to transform your body and mind!

Every week I will coach you through 3 important fitness and wellness foundations:


Workout Support. I will help you through any struggles or questions you have about the weekly workouts.


Educational Tools. Each week you will have new and exciting ways to learn, apply and discuss our weekly topic centered around health, fitness, and wellness.


Accountability and Mindset. I will help you set yourself up for long term success with new accountability and mindset tools.

Learn how to discover the "why" of your personal health goals, and to build a customized plan for the transformation you're looking for.

Mindset tools and guides to keep you on track.  You’ll learn about things like why you self-sabotage, visualization tricks, gratitude focused work, time management, setting realistic and attainable goals and how to come back from setbacks.

Lymphatic drainage techniques to help you lose cellulite, remove toxins built up in the body, reduce inflammation and help you build a more robust immune system.

Nutritional boot camp.  I’ll teach you how to stop sabotaging your gains, count macros, learn intuitive eating, and stop the obsession with food so you can truly master your own individual metabolism in a way that is long lasting FOR YOU!

Complete web app and weekly meal plan included for a full year.



Investment Price:



Weekly Coaching Calls Plus SELF- GUIDED Easy-To-Follow Online Workouts & Meal Plan

This month-by-month option includes the following:


One-On-One weekly coaching calls with me! ONE 1.5-hour Zoom Meeting (or phone call – your choice). I’ll be here every step of the way to help guide, motivate and teach you how to transform your body and mind!
This is a customized plan that takes into account your very specific health needs. Is there a current or past injury we need to work with or around? Are you recovering from a surgery? Do you have an autoimmune condition we need to specifically address? Do you want to spend more time on nutrition like food journaling and meal planning? Do you want to spend our time together working on lymphatic drainage? You decide the road map to our ultimate health and fitness journey together!


This is a monthly coaching contract that includes the cost of the Kailon Method® self-guided web app and weekly meal plan.

Investment Price:




We will spend time together going over your goals, needs and starting point. We will also dive deeper into your health & fitness form. Together will will choose the best program to reach your goals!


Once we decide on the best path for your fitness and wellness journey, I will get you set up with the weekly workouts and meal plans, plus schedule our weekly 1.5 hour zoom (or phone call) if you choose option 2 or 3.


Depending on which option you choose, I will set up your payments through the membership program, or though the coaching program.


You will be ready to go with your workouts and meal plans plus optional coaching! I am so excited we will take this jouney together and I can't wait to witness your successes!


Life Changing Testimonials...

I started training because I wanted to be heathy from the inside out.  I was nervous at first but wanted to increase my lean muscle mass and boost my overall health.  I had never lifted weights before, but it’s been so gratifying to see muscle definition and tone!


Kristin’s vast knowledge in the fitness world and overall health is amazing, and she really is the best coach that put together the absolute best program!  From working out, mindfulness exercises, learning to have a healthy relationship with food and assisting my lymphatic system- It all works AND it’s fun!

— Christina A.

Following this program has given me toned arms and legs, a sense of well-being and a renewed zest for life!  I have done things I never thought possible, like hiking up to Machu Picchu!

I no longer anticipate Kristin's weekly education, training and working out as “work” but rather an invigorating experience which embraces my self-esteem and makes each day an exciting challenge!


Following this incredibly all- encompassing wellness program has given me toned arms and legs, a sense of well-being and a new energy to live life to the fullest! Feeling fit and healthy gives me a sense of youthfulness - and that's saying a lot since I am 75 years old!

— Linda W.

The workout portion of this program has made my body feel strong, flexible and able to do things in my life without fear of injury.

I asked my husband to work with Kristin because his lack of strength coupled with chronic knee pain was making daily activities more difficult and we weren’t able to be as active together in our lives.  He was hooked, and the most amazing thing happened; he now loves going on hikes, runs and bike rides with me!  And his knee pain is gone!

Kristin is knowledgeable in many areas of fitness and nutrition. We make dinners together now, have lost weight and gained muscle, and have better self-talk! Thank you for helping us become stronger and enjoy life together in a whole new way!

— Cathy & Jimmy R.

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